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Hard Rock Glass and Expensive Wine – Deconstructing This 2-2

Tour the eye-popping glazing work installed by Vigilante Associates at the iconic Hard Rock Guitar at the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood Florida as David Vigilante, owner of Vigilante Associates walks the project with Frank Bennardo. Learn about the incredible glass installed and the connection with David’s fascination with (really) expensive wine, along with a…


David Vigilante and His Hard Rock Project
David walks the iconic retail mall at the Hard Rock Guitar and shows the eye popping 16 foot curved glass installation by Vigilante Associates


David showing the entry glass
David shows the $500,000 colored entry glass to the Oculus at the Hard Rock installed by Vigilante Associates


Hard Rock Oculus Waterfall
The waterfall at the Oculus entrance to the Hard Rock Guitar Installed by Vigilante Associates


David enjoying fine wine, great food, and great company
David enjoying fine wine, great food, and great company with host Frank Bennardo as they record their Podcast at the Hard Rock Guitar


Hard Rock Guitar
The iconic Hard Rock Guitar in Hollywood, FL, stage for the Podcast.

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