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Grandpa’s Three-Wheeled Ride

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I’ve been looking for a way to explain

How Grandpa’s life was pre-arranged

Talk about how he was trained

And how we were sure it would never change

Wake up next to Grandma from his twin bed 

Don’t think a kind word was ever said

That same white T-shirt that he would wear 

5am white bread from the Frigidaire

But something happened when he broke outside

Found himself for a moment in time

Even Grandpa could feel inside

When he was on his three-wheeled ride

Louie was a man that could never sin

Only rode to his job at the Holiday Inn

All those meals that he prepared

Then rode right home to start dinner there 

I could swear I saw him wink his eye

Through those thick glasses when he brought it outside

He found his freedom for the first time

On Grandpa’s three-wheeled ride

On Grandpa’s three-wheeled ride

I may be wrong, but I hope I’m right

But one day at a backstreet light

When he was clearly out of sight

I caught a glimpse of his grand joyride

His hands catching that summer high

It was Grandpa’s three-wheeled ride

On Grandpa’s three-wheeled ride

The thing is it took him ’til 75

And I know our daddy had his own ride

But I’m not so sure he taught that lesson right

Cause the three of us have more of Grandpa inside

One thing if I could recommend 

Whether we’re friends or brothers or reflections of them

Let’s find our ways to play outside

Like Grandpa’s three-wheeled ride

On Grandpa’s three-wheeled ride

– – – – – – – – – –

Words & music by Frank Bennardo, 2023

Grandpa Louie at the Holiday Inn

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