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Frank Bennardo

Projects by Frank Bennardo


Frank Bennardo is Professional Civil-Structural Engineer licensed in over 40 states in the US & Puerto Rico. He builds businesses that continue to reshape the engineering and construction industries.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Engineering Express®, Frank brings unprecedented service optimization and cutting-edge technologies to building component engineering, product evaluation, and building envelope design. He has pioneered innovations in engineering consulting that have redefined his practice and spawned his other companies.

In 2005 he patented a unique modular Hurricane Netting System that encapsulates and protects structures during storms and built a company that produced the CAT-5 Netting System. In 2008 he pioneered technology that modernized building product evaluation data which has evolved to become His pioneering work automating engineering processes has led to groundbreaking engineering technologies, including providing on-demand engineering, digitally assisted product evaluations, engineering e-commerce platforms, and digital marketplaces for dozens of national brand-name clients. Frank has also co-created unique project quoting & management software to manage the custom needs of national building component engineering called It provides the firm and its clients with unparalleled resolution and management of projects for their national projects and hybrid staff.

Frank is a nationally sought-after building component and product evaluation engineering expert. He continues to expand his companies and is passionate about contributing to the engineering industry.

Phone: 954-520-7767
Address: 401 West Atlantic Avenue, R10-219, Delray Beach, FL 33444
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